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Woodworking, Custom Furniture, + Design Services.

Specializing in custom solid wood furniture and furniture design

Woodworking, Custom Woodworking, and Design Services

Receptive Design offers a range of woodworking services; specializing in furniture design + fabrication.  All of my work is specifically designed and built for each individual client.  As I am not a production wood shop, I do not produce anything along the lines of factory furniture or assembly line cabinetry.  All of my work is unique, and is hand crafted locally in South Jersey.

Handmade Furniture | Dining Room | Living Room | Bedroom | Office 

I’m available to design and produce high end custom woodwork, custom fine furniture, and finish carpentry; for residential and commercial applications.  This includes everything from solid wood entry doors, restaurant tables and booths, to trim work, custom built-in furniture, store fronts and stairs.  I also design and build custom kitchen cabinetry, interior and exterior solid wood doors, bars and bar tops, booths, high end closets, wine cellars, fireplaces and mantels.

Check out the portfolio for details on projects such as handmade dining room furniture, such as unique dining tables, buffet cabinets and credenzas, to custom beds, nightstands, dressers, desks, media consoles, outdoor furniture, and more.

Design Services | Furniture Design | Fine Furniture | Solid Wood

In addition to woodworking services and furniture related projects, I offer a range of design services.  My education is in architecture, and I love to design.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any project you may be considering.  Whether you would like to commission me to design custom furniture, cabinetry, interior or exterior woodwork, conceptual ideas, or even to work on a prototype; I would love to consider the possibilities.  I put great emphasis on overall design, detail, and quality, and I would love to approach new, unique challenges.  My design services are not limited to the woodworking services listed above.

In addition to my woodworking services, I’m available to design and produce computer controlled work.  I have access to a 5 foot by 10 foot custom built CNC router (a computer controlled cutting machine), capable of cutting the most accurate parts possible out of a variety of materials.  If you have any project which requires a high degree of accuracy and repetition, the CNC machine is a very valuable tool.  Please contact me with any further questions or project inquiries.

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