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Sustainability, Reclaimed Wood, and Receptive Design.

Reclaimed and salvaged wood and lumber from South Jersey

Sustainability, Environmental Responsibility and Woodworking

Working with a valuable natural resource such as wood comes with a responsibility.  While lumber is a renewable resource, that is only the case if we actually strive to make it so.  I always take care to acquire my lumber from responsible sources, and utilize the absolute most out of my material.  Approximately ninety-five percent of my lumber comes from local sources within a 20 mile radius of my shop, either reclaimed or salvaged; conserving time, energy, burning less fuel, and protecting our forests.  South jersey has excellent sources of native hardwood trees; white oak, red oak, cherry, black walnut, elm, poplar, hickory, American sycamore, and maple, among many others.

All of my wood finishes are also non-toxic.  I mainly utilize varnishes, and shellac, along with only the highest quality water borne finishes; taking advantage of the most recent advances in finishing chemistry + technology.  My main waterborne topcoat is an ultra-low VOC , 100% water borne precatalyzed conversion varnish.  This finish provides the rich color tones and durability associated with solvent-based coatings, by incorporating oil-modified resins and acrylic copolymers into a unified conversion finish.  At only 41g/l of VOCs, it’s one of the safest chemical finishes available.  It is also very durable and perfect for fine woodworking projects.

If the project is very high end and warrants an oil based finish, I typically apply a botanical varnish, made of polymerized tung oil and resin.  The solvent in this finish is called DiCitrusol, which is a citrus based solvent; creating a finish that is both safe, and is also extremely durable.

Creating Heirloom Quality Furniture

My Furniture is built with the intention of possessing a lifespan longer than that of your own.  The idea is to only buy once; preserving resources for everyone.  Less time + money will be spent, less trees will be cut, and less fuel will be burned when engaging purchases with this type of ideology. See my product quality page for more information.

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