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Solid Wood Furniture + Custom Woodworking Pricing.

Handmade Furniture Pricing

Pricing of Solid Wood Furniture, Custom Woodworking, and Design Services

If you are interested in pricing, please contact me with any project that you may be considering.  There is no cost to simply inquire about a project, and I would love to discuss details and options with you.  Often, there are many ways to go about a project, and a wide variety of solutions encompassing a variety of budget ranges.  While I typically focus on high end, solid wood furniture and fine furniture, I’m willing to work on a variety of different types of projects.  Regardless of the project budget, retaining quality is always a top priority.

There’s a lot of design, planning, and work that goes into building solid wood furniture; having said that, I try my best to offer enough options and project variations to stay within a range of budgets.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me and inquire about any project you may be considering.

There are many variables that go into the final pricing of a project, including the overall design form, the structural design + engineering, the materials, the overall level of detail throughout the project.  Other important variables are the type of finish, and the quantity of pieces being produced.  Many of these variables can be altered to account for differences in budgets.  A table, for example, could range anywhere from a few hundred dollars,  for something like a small end table or coffee table, to thousands of dollars for a uniquely designed custom piece.  Please contact me with your ideas and we can discuss the details.

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