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Handmade Solid Wood Furniture

Handmade Furniture | Heirloom Quality 

In a time where almost every new piece of furniture is made as cheaply as possible, my main interest and goal is to make only the best quality solid wood, handmade furniture; right here in the United States.

My Furniture is built to last for multiple generations.  The idea is to only buy once; preserving resources for everyone.  Less time + money will be spent, less trees will be cut, and less fuel will be burned when engaging purchases with this type of ideology.  The quality of my work is held to rigorous standards and is extremely important to me.

I firmly believe that purchasing my solid wood furniture, handmade and crafted with mortise + tenon joinery, will provide you with a product which you will never need to replace.  I build with this traditional type of handmade joinery, coupled with modern procedures + techniques to maintain efficiency.  Each piece of furniture is handmade with the highest quality domestic hardwood and a specific focus on overall build quality and longevity.

Invest in my furniture with the intention of passing it down to your children.  It’s once again time for the United States to be known for it’s long-lasting products, quality design + craftsmanship.


I am certain that my handmade furniture is built to endure the test of time; which is why I offer a lifetime warranty on all of my work.  If the joinery ever fails due to craftsmanship, I will repair or replace it.

Warranty Repair Policy Details

The lifetime warranty I offer guarantees that the joinery in your furniture will never fail.  Intact joinery is the most essential component in a piece of furniture.  The warranty does not cover damages resulting from abuse, normal wear and tear, or cosmetic damages to the wood surface or to the finish that do not affect the functionality of the furniture.  If its visibly obvious that the joinery failed due to severe abuse, the warranty will be void.

Wood is a natural product which engages it’s environment sometimes in unpredictable ways.  Over time, after the furniture experiences many years of seasonal changes + moisture exchanges, it is possible (though unlikely) for small cracks and splits to develop.  By purchasing solid wood furniture, you are accepting this as a possible risk.  If you ever need to apply your warranty, you are only responsible for relocating the furniture back to its warranty destination.

A wood finish, such as shellac, lacquer, or varnish, is designed for protection, but is only preventing the inevitable…Regardless of the type of finish, it will scratch, dent, and abrade over the years.  While it is very possible to keep the finish in very good condition for more than a decade, most people don’t tend to protect their furniture in this manner.  Refinishing a piece of furniture in time is an essential part of maximizing it’s overall lifespan.

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